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Our Charitable Heart

Welcome to Our "Why"

For those who have spent time with our team, you've probably heard our personal mission & motto. It's the driving purpose behind our work.

"Our goal is to help you do well so that we can do good."

A Strategic Approach for a Charitable Heart

We believe a charitable heart is more than just a desire to act - we want to maximize the impact we get from our time, energy, and resources.

This requires an intentional approach to charity. At Vizionary, our "charitable heart" is made up of three pillars:

Featured Project:

Vizionary recently announced our commitment to helping foster and adoptive families by offering a $50K matching gift for Foster the Family. 

Learn more about the challenge

Engaging Personally in Service

The first tenet of our charitable heart is that each of us has a responsibility to serve those around us. Even if your primary service is financial, we believe that we are shaped for the better with a steady diet of personally rolling up our sleeves and serving.

VIzionary's Blessing Bags Campaign

Empowering Those Who Are Doing Great Work

The second part of our philosophy is empowering those who are already serving. 

We believe in the power of supporting those who have devoted their time and talent to great causes.

Investing in the Next Generation with Lavar Scott

Encouraging Others to Participate

The final piece of our Charitable Heart is finding creative ways to encourage others to share in our mission. Everyone has something to contribute to their communities, and we want to facilitate opportunities to do so.

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