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Vizionary Announces $50,000 Gift Matching for Foster the Family Thumbnail

Vizionary Announces $50,000 Gift Matching for Foster the Family

Vizionary recently announced our commitment to helping foster and adoptive families by offering a $50K matching gift for Foster the Family.

This gesture of support was presented at the "Filled" retreat for foster & adoptive moms event held in February 2023. The purpose of this retreat is to provide an avenue for members of these families to connect, build relationships, and learn from fellow parents who have been through similar circumstances and understand what it takes to raise children in foster or adoptive circumstances. Vizionary's contribution will go towards emergency supplies to children entering foster care & long-term, holistic support to the foster families caring for them.

Every dollar donated at fosterthefamily.org/donate will be double, up to $50,000.

Additionally, Vizionary has plans to continue its investment in Foster the Family and the amazing work they are doing.  With this pledge of support, Vizionary hopes that more foster & adoptive families will receive the help they need as they continue building strong relationships within their families.