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The Show for Aspiring Legacy Builders

Join us as we follow the stories for first-generation wealth builders who are committed to making their prosperity last for generations.

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Envizion More is a platform calling first-gen wealth builders to dare to dream bigger–not just for yourself, but for those you bring with you.

We explore the real life success stories (and failures) of master legacy builders. Join our pack as we challenge each other and dare to achieve the incredible.

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About Wayne Wagner Jr., ChFC

Financial Advisor | Entrepreneur | BHAG-Believer

Wayne Wagner Jr., ChFC is the founder of Vizionary Wealth Management, a firm dedicated to the needs of values-driven wealth holders. He specializes in helping first generation wealth builders live out their legacy in their families, communities, and beyond.

Wayne is also a veteran entrepreneur, helping to guide and fund other young entrepreneurs in the launching of their own businesses.

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