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Retirement Planning

We don't talk about retirement, we talk about Financial Independence.

Some clients are still working beyond Financial Independence because it's what they love to do! Some walked away in their early 50's or sold a business and walked away in their 30's and 40's because they wanted to explore a new season of life.

Whether you're 5 years away or 20 years away, we'll work to guide you through the steps necessary to secure sufficient assets for your Financially Independent lifestyle.

Our retirement planning services involve:

Reviewing Your Current Situation
We review all of your assets and liabilities to ensure you are maximizing company sponsors plans, effectively structuring debt, and protecting your most valuable assets.

We'll also help guide you through properly allocating funds between retirement, college savings, and traditional investments.

Optimizing Your Trajectory
Whether it's changing market dynamics or responding to a significant change in your own circumstances, we constantly stay in touch.

We make our team available to help talk through, plan through, and effect the changes required by your changing situations.

We are here to manage your expectations, update your allocations, and execute your plan.

Identifying Your Opportunities
Life brings opportunities, and we believe that having an extra set of experienced eyes helps you to evaluate and choose with confidence. As you progress, so will your opportunities. Among them could be:

  • Taking advantage of a tax law change
  • Evaluating a career or geographic move (sometimes at the same time)
  • Reviewing the life you want versus the life you have
  • Figuring out how to start that business
  • Finding a way to help your kids start saving effectively once they are out of the house

With decades of experience, our team has built a flexible and resilient platform to help you capitalize on your opportunities as they come.

Life Science Execs and Business Owners
Over the years, we've developed a depth of experience working with life science and pharmaceutical executives as well as business owners.

With more complexity than typical planning scenarios, we help you navigate and take advantage of the unique opportunities associated with your career path.