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Making the most of what's yours

Tax Strategies

You don't have a choice about paying taxes, but you can avoid making the mistake of overpaying them.

While it's hard to imagine anyone intentionally paying too much in taxes, the IRS estimates that more than one billion dollars is overpaid in taxes each year. That's no surprise when tax laws change every year - even in years when no major tax legislation is enacted.

How much of that money is yours? We'd rather see those funds in your bank account, set aside for your other financial goals or benefitting nonprofit organizations you are passionate about. Not the IRS.

Do you want to reduce your tax burden and increase your assets? We can help!

We help you make the most of tax season every year by:

  • Working with your CPA to plan before the end of the year rather than waiting for "tax time" when it may be to late for some key tax minimizing strategies
  • Utilizing charitable strategies like donor advised funds and private foundations
  • Tax harvesting from your gains and losses

We also know you need more advice that looks beyond a year-to-year basis. We help you plan your tax strategies for the long run by:

  • Guiding you through Roth conversion planning
  • Managing long term incentives
  • Planning ahead for your tax bracket in retirement
  • Establishing and reviewing your estate and trusts

If you’re like most people, your taxes represent one of your largest annual expenses, yet often relatively little is done to minimize your tax bill. Careful tax preparation and planning can free up money that you can use to achieve your goals. 

With decades of experience working with CPAs in these areas, we will help you aggressively pursue every deduction you are lawfully entitled to.