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How a Niche Focus Serves Pharma Clients Thumbnail

How a Niche Focus Serves Pharma Clients

Over the last 20 years, we have carved out a unique specialization in serving clients in the pharmaceutical industry. In truth, that did not begin as a business strategy. It developed because we were well connected in the phrama world, and, over time, we saw the unique needs our clients faced in that sector.

That being said, much of the value we provide happens in one-off conversations. Real life has a way of creating situations that aren't cookie-cutter. It's in these conversations that our embedded approach to pharma and life sciences stands out.

I wanted to share 4 stories from the past week alone that highlighted this principle.

Story 1: Navigating a Layoff

Last week, I talked with a client who was laid off in the most recent wave. We're talking about the specific financial decisions they need to make – cash flow, equity, severance, etc. We're having conversations about what they want the next stage of life to look like. Despite the circumstances, layoffs present us with a chance to re-imagine our future now that we're in a transition.

In addition to that, our specialization means that we are also well-networked with great teams in the industry. I'm able to connect them with a couple of our other clients who are running teams and may be looking for somebody with their expertise. It's an honor to help our clients navigate these moments.

Story 2: Don't Put Family on Pause

For another one of our clients, their daughter was in a tragic accident last year. They actually quit their job to go help her rehab for eight months. In the midst of hardship, it has been an inspiring story of putting your family first in a critical moment. 

Now, they're trying to get back into the industry – not the easiest feat after taking personal time away, even for a noble reason. It's been challenging. After a few conversations, we were able to connect them with a couple of consulting firms in the pharmaceutical industry that need people like them. It's well deserved, and we are honored to use our connections to get them back into the work they love.

Story 3: Hostile Firing

Another client called us with the news that they'd been fired unreasonably. It was essentially a death penalty for what should have been a speeding ticket. In addition to the financial component around getting fired, we were able to put them in touch with an attorney who has helped others in their shoes navigate this kind of scenario.

I just got a call from this client sharing that they've set a mutual conclusion, and they'll be leaving with a high six-figure package to enter retirement.

Story 4: Negotiating a Sour Exit

One last story – a client of ours was hired as the new head of XYZ at their company. Over the past year, some things have changed and they've gone from golden child to pariah. Now, there's an adversarial situation. We are now talking about how to position them in a way that protects them and manages their exit from the company. So go to the company and say, look, some things have turned against me. I'm not sure why I think this is what's going on.

At the end of the day, the courage to raise discussion is delicate, but in acknowledging the bad blood, we're having an honest conversation. In being proactive, our client is in a position to offer a package to leave. We've worked closely with helping frame that language. It presents a peaceful transition for the company and a lucrative exit for our client.

Creating an Impact Beyond Planning

That's not an atypical week for us to have half a dozen different conversations like these with people across the industry. They're each remarkable, but they're also very common for our team. It's because I've been working with people in the pharmaceutical industry for the last quarter century. We have the privilege of serving our clients in ways beyond most of the industry.

Immersion is a valuable asset for our clients. Every scenario is different, but when it comes to your life, we want to show up with as much value as possible. If you're in need of guidance for your own vision, our team is here to help you Envizion More.