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Lavar Scott: Vizionary Invests in Young NASCAR Driver Thumbnail

Lavar Scott: Vizionary Invests in Young NASCAR Driver

So why is Vizionary Wealth Management sponsoring an up and coming driver in a NASCAR developmental series? That's the question I want to answer for you today.

Vizionary Wealth Management Sponsors Lavar Scott

Vizionary Wealth Management is going to be a sponsor for Lavar Scott's car in the NASCAR weekly racing series, which is an amateur circuit. Lavar is racing on the Rev Racing team. Rev Racing is seeking to expand the range of minority drivers throughout professional NASCAR driving.

For us here at Vizionary, sponsoring Lavar through the Rev Racing team is an intersection of a couple of the core values that we have here at Vizionary.

Principle 1: Investing "Hand Ups" in Young People

At our heart, we want to give young people a hand up. We're not so much worried about giving handouts, but a hand up is very important to our core values.

Principle 2: Increasing Opportunities for Minorities to Succeed

Beyond the youth element, expanding the range of access to opportunities for minorities in our society is something that I think all of us should be getting behind.

What I Want to Say with this Sponsorship

Here at Vizionary, I'm very interested in seeing this next generation of minority young people achieve and reach new places. Places where minorities have typically not had the range or the opportunity to be engaged at a level that previous generations have.

So for us here at Vizionary Wealth Management, supporting Lavar and Rev Racing team is an intersection of two core values for us.

It's an interesting opportunity for me personally because I know Lavar. I watched him grow up. I've watched as he and his family worked really hard and how grateful they were for the opportunity to be part of the Rev Racing team family.

As you see some of the marketing that we put out in connection with our support of the Rev Racing team and Lavar Scott as a driver for them, this is the context to what we're doing there. We're seeking to give young people a hand up, not a handout. And we're seeking to expand the range of opportunities presented and provided for minorities within our society.