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New Year - Read, Grow, Learn, Thrive Thumbnail

New Year - Read, Grow, Learn, Thrive

A Reflection by Wayne Wagner Jr, ChFC

The team and I just wanted to wish you a wonderful New Year's and encourage you as we start 2023. We all know it – 2022 was a tough year for the markets. And candidly, we're not expecting volatility to look much different for the near and intermediate term in 2023.

 Nonetheless, I wanted to give you a couple of words of encouragement. Over the holidays, we talked to a lot of people.

Among them, I talked to a young guy who's really important to my family right now. He is finishing up the year, and he's not real happy with what he got out of the year. 

  • “He didn't read enough books”
  • “I didn't save enough”
  • “I didn't make the financial progress that I wanted to”

So he and I are talking about what little disciplines he needs to put in place to accomplish those kinds of results a year from now. 

It Got Me Thinking… And Inspired.

This conversation got my gears turning about goal setting and what really matters. Add to that some big chats about families reconciling and multi-generational business planning and I’m feeling inspired.

For our family, we're all committing to get back to the gym and eat healthier. Yeah, I know that's top of my list every year… “and this year, I'm going to make a change, I promise.” Now, my kids are holding me accountable! 

But seriously, this is a time of year that we get serious about goal setting and achievement. So I want to ask you, I want to encourage you as our clients, as our friends, to use all of the years that you have, all the experience that you have and pour it into this year. 

An old mentor of mine said, "I turn 50 today. I want to take all my 50 years of experience and pour that into my 51st year.” 

Think about how awesome and powerful that 51st year can be when I use all that I have! I'm not just treading water or just floating downstream. I'm not just reacting to what goes on life, but I'm making the changes. I'm using the discipline, experiences, and lessons that I've learned to pour in to make this year a better year than ever.

So that would be my encouragement to you: Be intentional. If there's an opportunity to improve yourself, read that book, make that trip, go to Italy. There's one person who's watching this who knows who I'm talking to. I hope it brings a smile to you, buddy. 

This year, craft a clearer vision of who you want to become, and let us know how we can help from all of us here at Vizionary Wealth Management, Happy New Year

I hope you and your family have had a blessed holiday season, a peaceful new year, and are looking forward to a fantastic 2023 here at Vizionary Wealth Management. We're always here with perspective for the decisions ahead and support for the decisions you have to make. Have a great day and a great week.